About us

In 1910, two pioneers of the new profession of Patent Agents, Adolf Weber and Nicola Fischetti, both engineers, founded Fischetti & Weber Studio Tecnico per le Privative Industriali (Technical Firm for Industrial Patents), with headquarters in Galleria Mazzini, Genoa.

In the 1920s, Giuseppe Porsia, a young chemistry graduate, developed a keen interest in this profession and became at first Mr. Weber’s partner; subsequently, when Mr. Weber decided to retire in 1936, Giuseppe Porsia acquired the full ownership of Studio Tecnico Fischetti & Weber, managing it as sole proprietorship until 1972.

In 1973, together with his three sons Attilio, Bruno and Dino, with the accountant Antonio Ottonello and with the engineer Milin Karaghiosoff, Giuseppe Porsia established a partnership to practice in association the profession of Patent and Trade Marks Agents under the name Studio Professionale Succ. Ing. Fischetti & Weber- Dr. Porsia, with headquarters in Via Caffaro 3, Genoa, where it is still based today.


In 2009, Succ. Ing. Fischetti & Weber was transformed into Limited Liability Company and in 2012 it was entered in the Register of Historic Companies of the City of Genoa.

Nel 2009 la Società Semplice Succ. Ing. Fischetti & Weber viene trasformata in S.r.l. e nel 2012 viene iscritta nel Registro delle Imprese Storiche della Città di Genova.