Analysis and Strategy

Setting a strategy

Innovative research represents a Company’s opportunity for growth and development.

It is the insight that allows the Company to go beyond the horizon, the impetus that allows it to anticipate and to project itself into the future.

The patent realizes these dynamics and this will.

It is the common ground between technology and innovation, between present and destiny, between environment and future.

Above all, it is the driving force that, in this century of globalization, allows a Company to stay ahead of the international competition.

Innovative research safeguards the Company’s future and independence.

Continuous change and competitive pressure at global level make it essential to understand the importance of knowing and following developments in patent law.

Setting an efficient strategy based on the patents is made possible by using and fully asserting all the rights established by the different international laws.  

Thanks to our experience and the use of a widespread global network of collaborators, we have all the necessary skills to provide complete analysis of the context in which your projects are evolving. These include detailed examination of your patents and Trademarks portfolio, putting it into perspective and analyzing trends in the sectors of your activities, as well as focusing on the targets, identifying actions to be taken and planning a strategy that meets your specific needs and fulfils your ambitions.

The realization of this architecture ensures solid protection and offers an opening to new sources of income. From being a defensive system, the patent gains strength, becoming a driving force that leads towards new horizons.

What work does is not merely to concentrate meticulously on the solidity of the protection strategy to be implemented.

An essential action that gives initial value to the invention.

How do we improve the investment?

How do we conceive its economic growth?

How do we rationally structure an international patent and trade mark portfolio and, above all, what policy do we use to optimize its management?

Our savoir-faire includes the search for new opportunities, new outlets, to capitalize on your innovations.

Licence agreements, know-how and joint ventures.

Our Firm offers the expertise of professionals, specialized in all sectors of assistance, to accompany you with a personalized service.

Offering the best solution for your needs, efficiently and anywhere.

Together, we imagine the future.